USG employs its own capital and its own engineering and project development expertise and investment banking experience to finance, nurture and strengthen its investments and, over the long term, maximize value for itself and its partners. The industries in which USG tends to invest include:

The largest number of USG's investments to date have been in the energy sector. These investments range from development of independent energy projects to investment in public companies. USG has focused in particular on the alternative energy sector where tax credits and/or other tax benefits are available including: clean coal, renewable energy, coal beneficiation and recovery, waste-to-energy and energy storage.

USG has invested in technology driven opportunities across a variety of sectors including: energy related technologies, biomedical technologies, pharmaceutical development and waste separation technologies. In analyzing these opportunities, US Global is sector agnostic, focusing instead on companies with innovative products and services that have achieved or are likely to quickly achieve a critical level of commercial acceptance.

USG has invested in a limited amount of manufacturing companies, most notably an architectural glass manufacturer in Florida. In evaluating manufacturing companies, US Global focuses on companies with proprietary advantages that can be used to ensure competitiveness in their markets.

Other factors that US Global considers in evaluating investment opportunities:

Management’s level of experience, willingness to invest its own capital and prior track record.

Definition and reliability of liquidity events and/or exits.

Competitive advantage in terms of: unique intellectual property, dominant product lines, valuable commercial relationships, or technological advantages—and a proven business model with above-average growth opportunities.

Level of capital expenditures necessary prior to operating profitability.

Residual value in the event of market downturns.

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